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Guiding organisations, colleges, and schools to participate in fully funded international experiences and vocational work placements through the UK’s Turing Scheme.

Providing opportunities to learn, develop professionally, and gain experience abroad to improve future career prospects and language skills.

Exchange ideas and best practices with an international network.

What we provide

We place students studying for a vocational qualification in fully-funded work placements, that reflect their career interests. We do this by helping organisations, colleges, and schools to participate through the UK Governments Turing Scheme and the Welsh Governments Taith scheme.

These schemes provide opportunities for vocational students to learn, develop professionally, and gain experience abroad to improve future career prospects. By engaging in the international network participants can exchange ideas and learn different cultural best practices.

Vocational Student Mobilities

Projects we run

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Student Learner

Internships for students studying vocational subjects

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Graduate Learner

Extended placements for recent graduates of vocational qualifications

Student and Graduate Learner

Internships and placements for both sets of vocational learners

About Us

Here at TEEP, we specialise in connecting educational, not-for-profit and commercial organisations with UK funds for vocational and training purposes with specialisation of the Turing Scheme, at no cost to your organisation.

We have been operating for many years with European mobilities.

We have recently shifted our focus and expertise to specialise in helping outgoing UK students access international placements through the Turing Scheme.

From the vocational sector, we send students, trainees, apprentices and recent graduates for specialised placements all around Europe from 2 weeks up to 6 months.

The students in these mobility projects are connected with organisations from diverse and thriving sectors, such as tourism, hospitality, agriculture, textiles, marketing, communication, ICT, mechanic, engineering, automotive, aerospace, sustainability, and much much more!

Main Activities

TEEP has been working for many years in the learning/training sector; professional orientation; personal research and selection; internships; needs analysis; skills assessments as well as supply and demand matching. TEEP is involved in the outgoing mobility projects in the UK.


For the outgoing mobility projects, we help organisations, colleges and schools participate in fully-funded vocational placements. At no cost we provide you with the following services:

Project Design

Project Bid writing

End-to-end project management

Once the projects are approved, through our network of international partners we support organisations in the following matters regarding their trips abroad:

Logistical planning


Full Board or Pocket Money


Intercultural activities for a more enjoyable experience in the hosting country

Tutoring and monitoring throughout the mobility

Matching students with host companies, in line with the learning/training outcomes

Project closure and dissemination of the results or achievements


Our service is at no cost to your organisation, we just help you and your students access international funding to help enhance their future careers.

We offer dedicated, long-lasting support: get tailored placements that enhance your prospects long after your programme is complete.

Our career insight is well-rounded and unbiased, and we work with a diverse range of professionals and organisations, giving you a comprehensive understanding of your chosen industry.


TEEP co-works with a partnership comprised of the most important stakeholders within all domestic and international territories.

Future Foundations

Future Foundations are an award-winning UK training organisation. Their mission is to inspire young people to be leaders in their lives and society. They partner with schools and organisations to enable young people to access opportunities that will help them develop the foundations they need for their future.

FMTS Experience

FMTS Experience works mainly in Europrojects. They offer consultancy services, training and education to receive European, national and regional funding. Particular attention is paid to social inclusion, business competitiveness, innovation, research and sustainable local development.

New City College

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Aston University

At Aston University Engineering Academy, students learn technical, scientific, and business subjects in a whole new way and train the inventors, engineers, health scientists, and business and financial leaders of tomorrow.

Turing Scheme

Turing is the UK government’s programme to provide funding that supports learners in accessing international opportunities. It offers organisations operating in the vocational sector to support Global Britain by providing the opportunity for their student’s life-changing experiences to work abroad.

For Learners

Turing offers opportunities for students of all ages in helping develop and share knowledge, by experiencing work in an international placement.

For Organisations

Turing has opportunities for a wide range of organisations, including education and training providers, non-profits and private businesses.

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